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In this page you can find websites with themes similar to my website. Also you can visit famous factories and organizations.
Factories and organizations
B.H. Bell Bassoons
Bosque Bassoon Band
new! The site of Vasily Suprunov Bassoon reeds. Bassoon/Contrabassoon reeds blanks, tools, reed cases, etc.
Vladimir Kacar — bassoonist and reed maker from Austria, Vienna
Personal bassoonist's webpages
Gabor Meszaros. Web Site
Susan Nigro web site
Kim Walker web site
Masahito Tanaka / Bassoon Soloist
Milan Turkovic
Robert Ronnes Bassoon site
John Price. Principal Bassoon of the London Philharmonic
Pascal Gallois web page
Paul Hanson - jazz bassoonist
Daniel Smith: Jazz, Classical and Crossover Artist of the Bassoon
Hary Schweizer — Brazilian bassoon maker.
Frank Morelli, Bassoon
Ezequiel Martin Fainguersch , Bassoon (Argentina)
Ian Glen - The bassoonist from England
Sergio Azzolini
Vadim Klokov & Bassoon
new! Michel Bettez
Bassoonquartet "PHENIX"
Bassoon Quartet "The Caliban"

Musicalchairs - вакантные места для музыкантов в оркестры Европы и Америки

Here you find information about vacancies and jobs in different orchestras of the world. It is updated very often.

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Here is an article written by Christian Davidson on reed making. It explains the scraping process and also gives tips for reed adjustments - obtaining better quality of high and low notes, better intonation, response and other...

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This site contains a large catalogue of links to other websites that offer free music materials. All of these sites have categories for almost all instruments. How strange, the bassoon site with free music material has only one option - "Fagotizm".

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Нотный архив

Website of Russian clarnetist Vladimir Gensler, where you will find very interesting info about clarinet and many links.
Pieces of music and links to other music archives.
Boris Tarakanov's big archive of music material


Даниэль Ройзман - классическая музыка разных авторов: ноты, партитуры, клавиры. Мои сочинения

Fingering charts for all instruments including bassoon. Also there are trill fingering charts.
Daniel Royzman`s trumpet music archive
Big archive of music material for woodwinds







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