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Bassoon Quartet "RONDO"
Palatnitsky Rousslan,Voloshenko Taras, Serdyuk Konstantin,Kotov Stanislav
Weissenborn   "Polka" 45.3лб/ZIP download
Carrrol  "The Wedding Guest"
Gershvin   "Claras song"
Carrol   "Polka"
Joplin  "I was a Teenage Bassoon Player"
Joplin  "The Entertainer"
Prokofiev   "Scerzo"
Vivaldi. Trio d-moll
Vivaldi. Quartet C-dur
Vivaldi. Quartet d-moll
Telemann. Quartet F-dur
Vivaldi. Trio F-dur
Bassoon Quartet "PHENIX" (Denmark)
T. Jabovski - arr. W. Van Volsem 2.36Mб/ZIP download
M. Norris  T. Jabovski - arr. W. Van Volsem Tango
E. De Cloedt
L. Van Beethoven - arr. T. Greaves/W. Van Volsem
W. A. Mozart ≈ Sinfonia concertante Es-Dur KV 297b for oboe, clarinet,
horn, bassoon and orchestra
Dresden Staatskapelle 1999
64.5лб/ZIP download
Beethoven — duet #3 for clarinet and bassoon
K. Weber (clarinet) & T.Sosnowski (bassoon)
8.5лб/ZIP download
G. Rossini ≈ Six arias from "The Barber of Seville"
Arr. for bassoon duetSergio
Azzolini, Stefano Canuti - bassoons
sent by Mihai
13.3лб/ZIP download
Michal Spisak (1914-1965) — Dueto concertante
for viola and bassoon

Yoshiyuki Ishikawa, bassoon and Erika Eckert, viola
12.7лб/ZIP download
"Dutch Suite" for bassoon and tuba G-dur, S-16
Composed by P.D.Q. [pseudonym of Peter Schickele] Bach
Ronald Bishop - tuba; David McGill - bassoon
9.27лб/ZIP download
Tennessee Bassoon Quartet — "Last Tango in Bayreuth" 2 лб download
Breval — Symphonie Concertante for Clarinet Bassoon and Horn 22 лб download
Glinka — Pathetic Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano
Luis Obregon - clarinet, Piotr Turkin — bassoon,
Marta Garcia Renart - piano
14.2лб/ZIP download
Beethoven — Trio for clarinet, bassoon and piano, op.38
Luis Obregon — clarinet, Piotr Turkin — bassoon,
Marta Garcia Renart — piano
24.4лб/ZIP download
Trevor Pinnock with The English Concert —
Concerto for Oboe and Bassoon in G-Dur
Milan Turkovic (bassoon y. 1720 ), David Reichenberg (oboe)
9.27лб/ZIP download
Richard Strauss — Concertino for Clarinet and Bassoon
Thomas Friedli, Clarinet; Klaus Thunemann, Bassoon
41.7лб/ZIP download
Villa Lobos — Bachiana Brasileira No. 6
for flute and bassoon
6.37лб/ZIP download
Johann Friedrich Fasch — Sonata for Oboe and Bassoon in g-moll 7.98лб/ZIP download
Conradi Kreutzer. Trio Op.43 in E flat major for Piano,
Clarinet and Bassoon. Ulrich Rinderle — bassoon,
Peter Przybylla — clarinet, Paul Rivinius — piano
12.3лб/ZIP download



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