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As new material is added (I hope with your help also) this archive will grow faster.

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Composer Name Format Size Download
L. Milde Concert etudes, op 26
sent by Mikail Mamedov
TIF 2.89Mб download
PDF 2.86Mб download
K. Pivonka 25 technical and rhyhmic etudes for bassoon
sent by Artem Fedorov
PDF 1.82Mб download
Oromszegi Otto 10 modern etudes for bassoon
sent by Igor Efremov
PDF 526Kб download
Albert Vaulet Twenty Studies for Bassoon
sent by Artem Fedorov
TIF 873Kб download
E. Bourdeau Thirty Studies for Bassoon + Flying Leaf for study Trills
sent by Mustafa Suyolcu, Turkey
PDF 2.87MB download
Different composers 40 etiud wirtuozowskich na fagot from 1 to 20 TIF 1.94MB download
from 21 to 40 TIF 2.67MB download
whole PDF 4.84лб download
C. Jacobi Six bassoon exercises (intermediate)
sent by Mustafa Suyolcu, Turkey
PDF 862Kб download
Umberto Bertoni 12 studies for bassoon
sent by Slavtchev Svetoslav, Bulgaria
PDF 1.48лб download
new! V. Neukirchner new! 23 exercises for bassoons (intermediate)
sent by Mikail Mamedov
PDF 3.19лб download
Corrado Dabbene 25 duets-exercises for bassoons
sent by Corrado Dabbene, Italy
PDF 496Kб download
MUS 172Kб download
Soviet composers Orchestral difficulties for bassoon
Fragments from ballets of Soviet composers. 80 pages.

sent by Igor Efremov
PDF 2.31лб download
L. Beethoven Orchestral difficulties for bassoon
Fragments from symphonic works. 90 pages.

sent by Igor Efremov
PDF 2.71лб download
R. Teryokhin Manual for bassoonists. For higher levels of music school. Published by "Muzika". Moscow. 1976
(There are not pages 31 and 55)
Part I TIF 2.03лб download
Part II TIF 1.39лб download
Part III TIF 1.25лб download
"Manual for beginners".
Published by "Muzika"
pages from 1 to 50 PDF 4.15лб download
pages from 51 to 108 PDF 4.07лб download
pages from 109 to 162 PDF 3.61лб download



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