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XX century's music for bassoon and piano
bassoon - Luciano Magnanini (Italy-USA)
Eugene Bozza (1905-1992)
Recit, sicilienne et rondo
Recitative 256kbps / 4.04лб download
Sicilienne 256kbps / 3.04лб download
Rondo 256kbps / 2.93лб download
Henri Dutilleux (b. 1916)
Sarabande et cortege
Sarabande 256kbps / 5.88лб download
Cortege 256kbps / 7.39лб download
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968)
Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano
Allegretto 256kbps / 7.94лб download
Andantino grazioso 256kbps / 8.34лб download
Rondo alla marcia 256kbps / 6.75лб download
Alessandro Longo (1864-1945)
Suite per fagotto e pianoforte
Andante con variazione 256kbps / 9.41лб download
Romanza 256kbps / 7.99лб download
Vivace 256kbps / 5.57лб download
Teresa Procaccini (b. 1934)
Trois pieces pour basson et piano
Presto 256kbps / 4.81лб download
Andante 256kbps / 5.04лб download
Allegro 256kbps / 5.35лб download
Nino Rota (1911-1979)
Toccata per fagotto e pianoforte
256kbps / 8.4лб download
Music of different modern composers
bassoon - Robert Runes (Norway)
Robert Runes web page. Free mp3 recordings at this site.
Johan Kvandal — Legende, Op. 61 B zip - 17.7лб download
Harald Saverud — Autumn
Antonio Bibalo — Bassoon Sonata
attention! This piece is split on 2 files
Music of french composers
Jean Francaix — Concerto pour basson et 11 cordes. Laurent Lefevre, basson zip - 8.97лб download
Jean Rivier — Concerto pour basson et orchestre a cordes (1963). Maurice Allard, basson zip - 6.08лб download
Andre Jolivet — Concerto pour basson, orchestre a cordes, harpe et piano (1954). Maurice Allard, basson zip - 13.5лб download
Pierre Max Dubois — Concerto "Ironico" pour basson et orchestre a cordes. Maurice Allard, basson zip - 8.1лб download
Marcel Bitsch — Concertino pour basson et orchestre. Maurice Allard, basson mp3 - 3.08лб download
A. Tomasi — Concerto pour basson et orchestre. Maurice Allard, basson
send by Herve Lussiez
zip - 20.9лб download
new! Damase Jean Michel — Concerto pour basson, harpe et ensemble de cordes. Luc Loubry [basson], Rachel Talitman [harpe]
send by Herve Lussiez
192kbps / 20.4лб download
new! Marc Vaubourgoin — Concerto pour basson et orchestre. Maurice Allard, basson
send by Herve Lussiez
256kbps / 32.8лб download

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